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Posted Feb 28, 2005, 11:10am

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The World Pro-Am played at Pebble Beach, CA

The World Pro-Am played at Pebble Beach, CA

was very exciting this year as we ended up with

four teams tied for the Team Gross Championship.


It is our policy that the teams be declared Co-Champions






Cabarrus Country Club                Concord, NC          66-65-67-67 = 265

Professional: Ken Guilford

Amateurs: Keith Harris, Ron Hinson, Rhyne Davis


Flint Golf Club                        Flint, MI                 67-66-67-65 = 265

Professional: Andrew Mogg

Amateurs: Tom Warda, John Lindholm, Walt Griffin


Knollwood Country Club                W. Bloomfield, MI                64-66-70-65 = 265

Professional: Jeffrey Roth

Amateurs: Lee Hoyt, Rod Pattan, Jim McGuirk


Country Club of Jackson                Jackson, MI           68-66-68-63 = 265

Professional: Ron Beurmann

Amateurs: John Butterfield, Ted MacCready, Jay Foust


5th            Midland Country Club                Midland, TX          69-66-68-66 = 269

                Professional: Jeremiah Luttrell

                Amateurs: Rick Gasser, Tim Kohn, Kelly Cox


6th            Royal Oaks Country Club                Dallas, TX          70-69-69-67 = 275

                Professional: Randy Smith

                Amateurs: Robert Simmons, Blake Smith, Jay Timmins


7th            Palmetto Golf Club                                Miami, FL           71-67-72-67 = 277

                Professional: Lloyd Warwick

                Amateurs: Bob Marsteller, Doug Weiss, Gary Metal


8th            The Anthem  Club                         Philadelphia, PA    69-70-68-71 = 278

                Professional: Tom Ryan

                Amateurs: Jim Mollick, Mike Giambrone, Joseph Miller


9th            The Lakes Golf & C.C.                Westerville, OH     70-74-71-70 = 285

                Professional: Tod Hecht

                Amateurs: Dennis Sherman, Brent Tippie, Brad Payne


10th          Trump National Golf Club                Bedminister, NJ     73-71-69-73 = 286

                Professional: Michael Fisher

                Amateurs: Tom Taylor, Brian Kramer, Val Della Pello







1st            Kokomo Country Club                Kokomo, IN            60-61-54-60 = 235

                Professional: Cary Hungate

                Amateurs: Jeff Yoder, Mike Harshman, Bob Mitchell


2nd           Royal Oaks Country Club                Houston, TX          60-60-58-65 = 243

                Professional: Matt Carlson

                Amateurs: Fred Lausen, Darryl Burman, Steve Smith


3rd            Riverside Golf Club                N. Riverside, IL                63-62-61-60 = 246

                Professional: Karl Bollnow

                Amateurs: Donald De Christopher, William Finn, Stephen Grud


4th            Saucon Valley C. C.                Bethlehem, PA      63-65-62-60 = 250

                Professional: Eric Shillinger

                Amateurs: Frank Pratt, Mark Tincher,  Chip Smith


5th            Royal Oaks C.C.                               Houston, TX          63-60-63-65 = 251

                Professional: David Altemus\

                Amateurs: John Gallo, Clyde Drexler, Marc Deer


6th            Chester Valley C. C.                West Chester, PA                65-63-60-63 = 251

                Professional: Jonathan Doctor

                Amateurs: Ken Silverwood, Steve Bouchard, Keith Albano


7th            Rolling Hills C. C.                               Cabot, AR          62-66-58-71 = 257

                Professional: Randy Beaver

                Amateurs: Steve Tipton, Billy Phillips, Gary Middleton


8th                Commonwealth National                Horsham, PA           66-63-64-64 = 257

                Professional: David Craig

                Amateurs: Vinced Craven, Jim Merron, Ralph Gariano


9th                International Country Club                Fairfax, VA          66-64-64-64 = 258

                Professional: Richard Parrott

                Amateurs: Roger Dinnin, John Charland, George Ragland


10th          Belmont Country Club                Ashburn VA          63-66-68-62 = 259

                Professional: John Kinnas

                Amateurs: Kevin Probel, John Morris, Travis Keyser



PROFESSIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP                                                                               


1st            Jeffrey Roth        Michigan                 68-71-82-69 = 290


2nd           Tom Ryan                Pennsylvania          72-73-70-76 = 291


3rd            Cary Hungate   Indiana                    72-71-75-75 = 293


                Lloyd Warwick  Florida                     75-73-74-71 = 293


5th            Ken Guilford  North Carolina   76-72-71-75 = 294


6th            Andrew Mogg       Michigan                 75-74-77-69 = 295


7th            Ron Beurmann                Michigan                 74-76-76-72 = 298




1st            Roger Simpkins                Pennsylvania          79-82-75-79 = 315

















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